meMINI camera wants to help people capture the past

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What if you could capture memorable moments after they happen?
The creators of the meMINI are calling it the wearable camera with the gift of hindsight.
The camera is creating a lot of buzz on the internet through its Kickstarter fundraising campaign.
So, how does it work? The WiFi-enabled camera  uses a recall feature that loops video.
meMINI is constantly capturing looped footage adjustable from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.
Now, after it goes through its loop, it deletes unless, bingo, a fantastic moment happens and you want to save it.
Creators say on the Kickstarter page that users simply have to press the recall button to store the last loop permanently.
meMINI blew through its Kickstarter fundraising goal with backers pledging more than $63,000 to help this product get on the market.
Early backers are expected to get their meMINIs this June. 

Check out more information on meMINI's Kickstarter page here:
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