Merit Shop lets you pay for items with your talent

(WXYZ) - Want a new pair of mittens? Or maybe an iPod? Instead of buying it with money, what if you could buy it with your talent?

Creators of the Merit Shop are letting people do just that. They're trading goods in exchange for talent.

The collaborative art project is encouraging people to record themselves doing something awesome, upload it to the internet and send the link in as a form of payment for a certain item.

Creators of the Merit Shop tells 7 Action News that they wanted to start the shop because they felt like the wealth gap is splitting the people. Instead, they wanted a way for people to pay for an item with a skill or talent.

The project started as an investment and now, the creators tell me they are searching for brands and people to join them to turn it into something bigger.

Their website is evolving with products, so keep an eye out, you may be able to purchase something with a song or a juggling act.

Check out their website here:

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