Metro-Detroit man talks about how chance saved him from the attack at Navy Yard

(WXYZ) - One man from metro-Detroit who survived the violence at the Navy Yard spoke out.

Jim Rogal is a Rochester native who used to work with General Motors.  When the automaker went through bankruptcy and restructuring, he lost his job.  He found work in Washington D.C. in the building where one man was able to bring terror on Monday.

"This is a whole new level of workplace trauma," said Rogal to Seven Action News by way of Skype.

He is now waiting for word as to when he will return to work and whether he knows any of those hurt.
He knows by making just one different decision he could have been in the line of fire.  He and a co-worker left the building to get coffee.

"As we were returning 5 minutes later there were people running and screaming, women crying, to go back that there was a gunman in the building."

Marine officers soon told him to take shelter in the coffee shop.  He watched as the FBI and Marines responded.  Rogal is now just waiting to learn more about those hurt or killed.  He says he knows that by where they work, it is likely they are patriots.  

"The people that work here... they are people that might be able to earn more money doing other things, but have a sense of committment to working for the Navy, the Marine Corps. and the Defense Department."

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