Middle Eastern restaurant causes controversy with new name "The Bomb"

(WXYZ) - Some tasty subs are not the only thing George Georgi is cooking up around town--he's also serving up some controversy.

Him and his wife recently bought a restaurant off 9 Mile once called Ideli--and the Syrian couple changed the name of the Middle Eastern and American restaurant to "The Bomb."

Georgi says he's just trying to be hip.

"When you eat spicy food or delicious… what do you say?  'Whoa… it's the bomb'," said Georgi.

Patron Mike Kreislmeier wanted to see what all the fuss was about firsthand. 

The Army veteran served in the Middle East for four years and doesn't think much about the name change.

Some were still reluctant.

"I almost didn't come but… I'm hungry and pregnant – I really don't care about the name of the restaurant," said one customer.


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