Mike Duggan sworn in as Detroit's mayor

DETROIT (AP) - Mike Duggan is now Detroit's 75th mayor.  His father, U. S. District Judge Patrick Duggan, held the Bible used to swear him in as judge in 1987 and also used to swear Mike in as Wayne County Prosecutor in 2001 at the ceremony today.

Duggan's first order of business is to visit a Detroit Public Works Department facility to meet with employees who will be plowing streets.  Detroit is expected to get a storm with several inches of snow. 

"When you get elected to office, you don't always have all the answers.  It is a learning process" Duggan said after taking the oath of office.  Duggan said he wants to take a ride on a truck to understand the challenges drivers face and that "we can do a better job with a lot of city services". 

Duggan will also have to navigate around Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr who is still running the city but has given Duggan power to control some day to day operations spelled out in a six page document they both signed.  It includes Public Works, blight, busses, lighting but not Police. 

"The Emergency Manager has not given me the authority to deal with the crime and violence issue even though I think it is the most pressing issue facing the city.  But I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about the things I'm not responsible for."

Orr was not at the swearing in ceremony.  Orr will continue to handle all departments and issues with Detroit going through Bankruptcy Court.  Orr is expected to be out of Detroit at the end of September and Duggan says he will hold his inaugural ball the first week of October when he and the city council resume power as elected officials. 

Duggan say he will live in the Manoogian Mansion, the place for the sitting Detroit Mayor.  Duggan is the first white Mayor of Detroit in 40 years and won the primary as a write-in candidate after being removed from the ballot over a residency issue.  Duggan moved into Detroit from Livonia to run for Mayor. 

Duggan's wife, Lori, will be First Lady of Detroit and says she wants to spend her time on neighborhoods, children and family issues.  She helped her husband unpack family photos to put on his desk in city hall after the ceremony.

Outgoing Mayor Dave Bing was at the event and was given praise for restoring integrity to Detroit in the wake of the Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick public corruption case that has Kilpatrick in prison for more than two decades.

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