Moe's selling Michigan gear for 100 years

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - When Michigan fans need to get game-day ready, Moe's, right across the Diag, is often their first stop. But not many Wolverines may know they're stepping into some rich history each time they shop.

In fact, before collegiate licensed sportswear existed, "the only way you could get apparel with a shirt with Michigan on it was to play on a team or steal it from the athletic department," Ryan Gregg, co-owner of Moe Sport Shops said.

George Moe opened his sporting goods store at 711 N. University back in 1915 and soon realized there was a need for apparel emblazoned with Michigan's logo. Moe and a Champion sportswear salesman teamed up in 1934 to start printing the first branded collegiate apparel.

Fast forward to 2015, the store is now owned by a couple of Michigan alumni who are just as proud to carry on the legacy.

"There's something special when you've been away from Ann Arbor for so many years and you come and everything's changed except for Moe's," Gregg said.

He said one of the coolest parts about running the store 100 years later is talking to fellow Wolverines who come back every game day for fresh gear and old memories.

"I stopped here the first day on campus and the last day on campus and probably every day in between," said Jim Wesolowski, who graduated in 1989.

For 1990 Michigan grad Dave Horowitz, coming to Moe's has been a tradition ever since he came for his college interview.

"We filled up with all kinds of Michigan sweatshirts and sweatpants and I've been coming back every year since," Horowitz said.

Moe's still boasts original signage, the same window display, the same pecan wood shelving units, and still just one fitting room. You could say the store is as classic as the Michigan vs. Michigan State rivalry, which is sure to bring only more business this weekend.

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