Mom wants answers after son nearly dies choking on pacifier

(WXYZ) - A local mom wants answers after her infant son nearly died swallowing his pacifier. 

Adrienne Herrick was at work August 12th when she got a call that her son was rushed to the hospital. 

She arrived at Botsford Hospital in Farmington Hills to frightening news. 

"The doctors said, 'we don't know if he is going to make it, but we will do everything we can'," Herrick told Action News. 

The pacifier became lodged in 5-month-old son Cameron's throat and he could barely breathe. Little Cameron underwent emergency surgery. 

Now that he is on the mend, his mom wants to know how it happened. 

"I honestly don't believe it was a product issue," said Herrick.  "I honestly think it was a neglect issue with the daycare provider."

At the time of his accident, Cameron was under the care of his daycare provider, Donna's Tot Spot in Livonia. 

According to online records, Donna Marsh is licensed to operate the facility and the license is active until 2014. 

Inspection records show the facility has been cited in the past.  Violations include not assuring appropriate care and supervision of children at all time.

We reached out to Donna Marsh for our story, but she declined to comment.
We also reached out to the company that makes the Soothie pacifier and are awaiting comment.


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