Monroe residents fed up with slick roads

MONROE, Mich. (WXYZ) -
The cleanup from this week's snowstorms continues throughout Southeast Michigan, but some are wondering if any work is being done around their community. In the streets of Monroe, residents say the roads shouldn't be as bad as they are.
"They haven't even gotten the main roads." said Monroe resident Donny Toro, "I mean they may have hit them, but as far as putting any effort into them to make them safe, no, they haven't done that."
Toro wanted 7 Action News to take a look around ourselves. And sure enough, main roads like Telegraph Road looked like they hadn't been touched in a while.  
"You know, Monroe pays good taxes." said Toro, "But if you look at Wayne County, Lucas County, Washtenaw County, you can almost see a line in the snow."
We left a message for the Monroe County Road Commission. Less than five minutes later, we spot a salt truck. Then another truck. And another truck. Three trucks total were seen salting down Telegraph.
The road commission returned our phone call saying they're doing the best they can in some pretty challenging conditions.
"We're doing the best we can do." said Randy Pierce with the Monroe County Road Commission, "We're using all the resources we can. Just like everything else, money dictates what we can do. And equipment, if we had more equipment, if we had more money, we could do better service."
"With all the experience, I've had driving, when I start getting nervous driving in my hometown, that's a shame."


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