Mother fights to get daughters' urns out of storage

(WXYZ) - Rough would not even begin to sum up the past several years for Ava McBrayer.

Her first daughter was stillborn.  Ava's second daughter Martina died when she was 9 years old of cancer.

While mourning the death of Martina, Ava was driven to depression,  lost her job, and became homeless.

Ava was forced to put most of her belongings in storage, including  two urns containing the ashes of her daughters. 

She left everything in a unit at National Storage Center in Southfield off of 8 Mile in January.

According to Ava, it soon became difficult to pay the monthly fees.  She told 7 Action News she owes the company $700.

In a matter of days everything she owned was to be auctioned off and she feared she would never get her children's ashes back.

The only way to stop the auction is paying National Storage Center $700.

Ava called 7 Action News  for help.

"I would never disrespect anyone's children or mother, father in that matter… you know what I'm saying," said Ava.  "So I am begging for them to not toss my babies around as if they were less than human or as if they don't deserve respect."

7 Action News went to get answers for Ava at National Storage Center.

An employee inside the building had no comment early Monday afternoon.

We were determined to get answers for Ava.

Eventually, we got in touch with the general manager.  According to him, Ava had been delinquent for several months and a lien was placed on the property in her unit.

The general manager said they tried to give her extra time to pay the money so there would be no auction.
He said he tried to convince her he would do what he could to help her get the urns back after the auction but there are no guarantees.

"All I'm asking for is to give them back, you know," said Ava. "You can keep the furniture.  I'm not asking for the furniture.  All I want is to have my babies back."

Late Monday afternoon, the general manager called 7 Action News again.

He said the company has retrieved the urns and a photo album of her children.

They are available for her to come get.

The auction of the rest of Ava's belongings, which was supposed to take place on November 20th, has now been pushed back to December.

Ava is now overwhelmed with gratitude and thanked 7 Action for the help.

"You guys are number one in my book," said Ava.

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