Mother of four killed the night before she was set to undergo a life-changing kidney transplant

DETROIT (WXYZ) - After years of dialysis and waiting, Almeter Walls was finally set to receive a life-changing kidney transplant early Thursday morning. But Walls was shot dead Wednesday night in front of her 92-year-old mother during an altercation involving neighbors across the street.

One bullet struck Walls' 24-year-old daughter, Farlin Walls, in the eye.

Almeter Walls' 58-year-old boyfriend and two of her nieces, including a 15-year-old girl, were also shot.

The four are expected to survive their injuries. But the loss of Almeter is devastating her loved ones.

"Senseless," cried Tabitha Barton, another niece of Almeter Walls. "She's been waiting for years and they finally found her a kidney.. And she couldn't even get her surgery today because y'all shot her down like she was some type of damn dog."

Detroit Police say it all began when children from two families began arguing on the 9500 block of Carlin Street. Adults got involved and then two men started shooting.

Witnesses believe one of the men was firing a handgun and the other was using a shotgun to fire at Almeter Walls, 54, and the others.

Walls' relatives say she knew just about everyone on the street because the family has lived in the same house for decades. But a new family moved into a house across the street and a few doors down, and Wednesday night tempers between adults flared because of an argument their children were having in the street.

From 6:00 a.m. Wednesday to 6:00 a.m. Thursday, thirteen people were shot in the city of Detroit. Police Chief abruptly ended a press conference, refusing to even comment on the violent 24-hours.

Late Thursday afternoon, Detroit Police Public Information Officers told Action News that, so far in 2013, there have been 115 homicides and 375 non-fatal shootings.

And it's not even summer.

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