myris by EyeLock lets you unlock your computer with one glance

(WXYZ) - While keeping our information safe online is top priority, sometimes coming up with those complicated passwords can make our brains hurt.

But with the myris by EyeLock device-all you need is your eyes as the key.

Myris uses video of your irises to verify your identity.

That's right. The device basically analyzes your eyes quickly and assigns them a unique passcode.

The myris looks at more than 240 points on each iris to generate the digital signature.

No two irises are alike-creating the ultimate protection. The company points out on its website that photos, video recordings or other fake visuals won't work because of the complexity of the system. 

You can currently sign up to be on the wait list for myris. I'm told the device will retail for just under 300 dollars . 

For more information on the myris, check out EyeLock's website here:

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