PHOTO: Missing Cleveland woman, Amanda Berry and child shown in hospital Monday night

CLEVELAND, (WXYZ) - Overnight a photo was released of Amanda Berry recovering after she went missing a decade ago.

Amanda is shown in the middle surrounded by her sister (left) and the child rescued from the home with Berry (right).

Berry vanished on April 21, 2003 as a 16-year-old. Her last contact was with her sister. They were on the phone when Amanda said she was getting a ride home from work.

Berry and two other women were found in a Cleveland home Monday evening where they were being held captive for nearly a decade.

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Gina DeJesus went missing in April of 2004 when she never came home from school. An amber alert was never issued in DeJesus' case.

The third woman found is Michelle Knight. Little information has been released about Knight except that she went missing before Berry and DeJesus. She was last seen leaving her cousin's house in 2002. She was 21 years old at the time.

Three brothers in their 50s have been arrested in this case.

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