Ruling on Michigan's same-sex marriage ban expected Wednesday

(WXYZ) - A US District Court judge could issue a ruling as soon as tomorrow that could overturn Michigan's ban on same-sex marriages.

Once a decision is made on the ban, the clock will start ticking - both for those for and against same-sex marriage in the state.

"It's been divisive in churches and in families and it has a lot of implications - if the ban is lifted," said Bishop Jerry Brohl.

The controversy will not stop the bishop. He is a former priest who now has a Roman Catholic inter-faith church that is not associated with the Vatican.

On Wednesday, he will be ready to marry same-sex couple - if Michigan's same-sex marriage ban is overturned.

"Well I'm a Christian minister and I think if you hold yourself up to be that and do that publicly that you have certain responsibilities and obligations," said Bishop Jerry Brohl.  "I think one of the things Jesus was most interested in was making sure that people who were marginalized were represented and acknowledged and loved."

If the ban is lifted, it is expected state Attorney General Bill Schuette will quickly appeal the decision and that would bring the ruling to halt.

That would give same-sex couples a very short window to tie the knot, certain counties have prepared proper marriage licenses.

The American Family Association of Michigan is one of the local organizations supporting Attorney General Schuette.

"It is unconscionable to think that a single, federal judge reports to have legitimate, constitutional or moral authority to overturn the votes of tens of millions of Americans… I our case Michigan 2.7 million voters,"  said AFA president Gary Glenn.

Appeals could take years, but both sides are anticipating a long fight.

"We expect this case will go all the way to the United States Supreme Court," said Glenn.  "Whichever side loses on Wednesday, or whenever the judge issues his decision, will appeal his decision to the court of appeals in Cincinnati.  Whichever side loses there will appeal it to the United States Supreme Court."

A rally will take outside the federal courthouse at noon Wednesday in support of same-sex marriage.  

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