Target facing class action lawsuits across United States in wake of security breach

(KMGH) - After acknowledging a security breach to in-store customers' credit card information, Target is now facing several lawsuits across the country.

A man in Colorado is one of the most recent to file suit. The man was shopping at a Highlands Ranch Super Target when according to the lawsuit, "Target's inadequate or unreasonable security measures…" contributed to the hacking incident.

The store is located just outside of Denver.

The lawsuit says, "Target failed to inform consumers of this data breach…" even though the retail giant knew about the breach a full day before the news broke.

According to Target, hackers stole data from as many as 40 million credit and debit cards swiped at Target stores from the end of November through mid-December. This is the second-largest data breach in United States retail history.

Erica Eaken is one of the consumers who believes her information was stolen after shopping at Target.

"They purchased six gift cards worth $200 and, as the person in the bank told me, they went for the seventh and it was denied because I didn't have enough (money)," she said.

The U.S. Secret Service and the Justice Department are currently investigating. Target has said they are cooperating with the two agencies but cannot comment on the investigation since it is ongoing.

The breach has caused a number of other consumer spending issues.

Chase Bank was limiting its debit card holders to withdrawing $100 a day from ATMs and their daily total spending was capped at $300. These caps did not apply to credit cards.

An interview request was made for the Colorado man who filed suit against Target but he has not responded.

Scripps Digital Writer Lynn Walsh contributed to this report.

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