US lays groundwork for possible Syria strike

WXYZ - Wednesday morning the United Nations said it found evidence that Syria attacked its own people with chemicals. 

The organization Doctors Without Borders say more than 300 civilians were killed in the government attack.

U.N. inspectors risked their lives to get that evidence.  They say snipers shot at them while they simply did their jobs.

The White House appears ready for a military strike in the coming days.

The President is laying the groundwork.  He has been calling world leaders to coordinate efforts.  ABC News reports White House aids are reaching out to members of Congress for support.

The Pentagon has identified possible targets, should there be an air assault.

France has said that it will support a military intervention.  Wednesday morning, Britain's Prime Minister said he would call for a measure that would allow his country to take action.

The Associated Press reports that U.S. and international partners would likely wait until Thursday to take military action.  That is when Britain will hold an emergency meeting of Parliament to address the crisis.

Syria says it will use "all means" to react to any attack.

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