Convicted murderer Michael David Elliot caught by authorities after Michigan prison escape

(WXYZ) - A murderer from Michigan has finally been captured by authorities tonight after escaping from prison. 

Michael David Elliot escaped from a prison in Ionia on Sunday night.  

Michigan State Police say the 40-year-old was spotted wearing black fatigue pants, white tennis shoes and a white beanie cap.

The MDOC Director is saying  it appears Elliot acted on his own when he made some holes under two fences at the Ionia correctional facility and took off.

The convicted murderer used a box cutter to carjack a woman in Ionia, but she later escaped at a gas station in Elkhart Indiana.

She called 911 from the bathroom.

In the background of her call you can hear Elliot knocking on the door, trying to hurry her up.

Elliot took off in her jeep, and later ditched the car about 23 miles from that gas station.

Now MDOC officials are going to be taking a closer look at security protocols at all of their facilities, including the prison in Detroit.

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