New app Keepy helps preserve kids' mementos

(WXYZ) - There's nothing quite like a collection of a child's artwork.

But you know you can't keep all of those piles of keepsakes forever--or can you? 

A new app called Keepy lets  parents organize, share and preserve their kid's mementos in an interactive box.

All you have to do is snap a photo of any creation-whether it's a birthday card or a giant Lego dinosaur, and share it in the app.

Keepy will keep your kid's work organized by date.  The app's website says you can then record yourself or your kid describing the project-that audio will be saved with each post.

Loved ones can also become your kids' fan and leave video comments on all of your child's "keepies."

Techcrunch reports that the app also has the option to back up on a Keepy cloud, so that even if the app crashes or your phone breaks, your kid's digital box is still intact. 

Keepy is available on iOS devices with an Android app in the works, according to Keepy's website.

Learn more about Keepy here:


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