New Belle Isle deal?

(WXYZ) - The Belle Isle lease signed between Detroit and the State may not be a done deal afternoon. 

Detroit City Council President Saunteel Jenkins says several people are working behind the scenes to tweak the terms of the lease or even come up with a plan for no lease. 

The city council can vote to reject the lease signed by Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Governor Rick Snyder, but would have to come up with an equal or better plan. 

The terms of the tentative lease call for the city to own Belle Isle but it would be a state park for 30 years. 

People driving onto the island would need to buy an $11 annual park pass, good at all state parks.  And the state would put in $10 million to $20 million in much needed improvements in the first 3 years. 

Both mayoral candidates, Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon say they oppose the current lease and urge city council to vote it down next week.  The council will do that either Tuesday or Wednesday next week. 

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr says his plan would save the city $6 million a year in maintenance costs or $180 million over the 30 year lease period.  And coming up with a better plan will be a "heavy lift." 

It is not clear if he can reject another plan if it is approved by city council.   

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