New proposal for redevelopment of old Tiger Stadium site

DETROIT, MICH (WXYZ) - The battle over what to do with the old Tiger Stadium site continues.

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President George W. Jackson Jr., along with others, held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to discuss potential development on the site of old Tiger Stadium.

The DEGC says it has been in talks with The Parade Company, who has a concept for developing the site.

According to the DEGC, The Parade Company proposes developing on the site with a scaled down baseball field, retail, housing and Parade Company headquarters.

The DEGC likes the plan and would like to use millions in earmarked money for the development. They say the old Tiger Stadium Conservancy controls that earmarked money.

According to the DEGC, the Conservancy wants to retain a larger portion of the field, but the DEGC says that would not leave enough room for development.

"We can't make land based decisions based on fond memories," says Jackson.

The DEGC is hoping to reach a compromise with the Conservancy to move forward with a development plan.

The Tigers played their last game at old Tiger Stadium on September 27, 1999.

The stadium had been demolished for the most part, leaving only the playing field, which is kept trim by local volunteers and the flag pole.

Since the Tigers moved to Comerica Park, there have been many local ball games played by neighborhood groups.

Many ideas have been proposed for the site, but none has captured the attention needed to develop the property.

7 Action News has reached out to the president of the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy to get his side of the story. We are waiting to hear back.

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