New search feature, profile picture option for GIFs

(WXYZ) - Those short animations that we come across daily on the web now have their own search feature.

 They're called GIFs-and Google has taken note of their growing popularity with a new search feature and Google Plus option.

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format--it's basically a compressed file of images. 

Their small file size makes them easy to move around and embed in posts and blogs. 

Google developer Matt Steiner described GIFs on his Google+ page as"like the newspapers in Harry Potter." 

Google noted the explosion of GIFs on the internet and created a search feature specifically for them. You can find it by simply searching for a term in images, clicking on the any type tab and selecting animated.

Then, you'll be able to scroll through them and click on the GIF to watch the animation.

In addition to the feature, Google has also added a GIF profile picture option for its Google+ users.

Steiner says the GIF will animate on the profile page on both desktop and mobile.

To find out how to create a GIF, check out these steps:

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