New social media trend #babymugging latest craze on Instagram

(WXYZ) - Some of you may be familiar with Instagram, a social media site where users share images. You'll find pictures of people, places--everything you can imagine.

Well one new trend on the social media site is bound to get you chuckling.

The new picture trend is called "baby mugging" and it involves a mug in the foreground of a snapshot with a baby in the background. So, it basically looks like the baby is actually in the mug.

Using the hashtag #babymugging, users have been posting photos of babies in all sorts of mugs.

The picture above is one Stephen Clark took of his granddaughter Scarlet in a Channel 7 mug.

Now, we want to see your creative mug pictures. Email them to and we'll use them in a gallery online. 

To view the gallery, go here:

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