No heat for new mom and newborn daughter, threatened with eviction for calling the news

(WXYZ) - Latonya Howard and her daughter have been living for two days with no heat inside their apartment at Heatherwood Apartments in Inkster. 

She showed us how one bedroom was too cold to use.  Ice was forming on the inside of the window.  They used their oven for some heat. 

A neighbor down the hall had to do the same thing.  When her dad called to ask when it would be fixed he got no answers.  When he said he would call the news, they were threatened with eviction. 

When 7 Action News showed up asking questions, we were literally tossed out of the office.  We also found they were using a large Karosene heater where the furnace and hot water tank were located.  It was larger than specifications for indoor use, so was it safe?  

The repair man was fixing the furnace and hot water tank Tuesday afternoon.

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