Online campaign encourages people to buy a furloughed worker a drink, dinner

(WXYZ) - Many workers in the United States are still on furlough after the government shut down on October 1.

Now one group of friends in Washington D.C.  is reaching out to those on furlough and encouraging other people across the nation to do the same-- and at the very least buy them a drink.

The idea turned into—a Tumblr page created to encourage people to buy a brew or dinner for workers temporarily without a job.

People are encouraged to post a video or photo to Instagram or Twitter offering a furloughed worker a beer or dinner using #adoptafuloughedworker.

A worker can then respond to that post and schedule an outing.

One of the creators of the site, Vicky Valdlamani, said it's meant to be a small pick me up for people who are out of work and bored or worried about the continuing government shutdown. She worked with her friends Simon Owens and Will Gordon to launch the campaign.

Vicky tells me she's surprised at how quickly the campaign is spreading on social media.

She also says the group has received videos from furloughed workers who are in serious trouble and they've been able to connect them with charities that are willing to help.

"Our page was intended to put a few smiles on people's faces," said Vicky.

She ended up buying a furloughed worker a drink soon after the campaign started.

"It was totally awesome, it was great to talk to somebody new," said Vicky.


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