Community Comment: The 1967 Detroit civil unrest & Woodward Dream Cruise 2017

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Once again, it’s time for Channel 7’s Community Comments.  Our station editorials about the 1967 civil unrest, Detroit movie and the Detroit Historical Museum ’67 exhibit, prompted this e-mail from Ann Mitchell Damon or Ann Arbor.  She writes:

“My father is Caucasian.  We grew up in Detroit from 1952 to 1975.  We attended Catholic schools and my father still lives in Detroit.  My father studied at the University of Detroit and raised nine children with my mother.  Both of immigrant families.  We all grew up in Detroit and lived near Dexter and Fenkell.  No one believes white people were there but we were, and we stayed, we watched the city change and it changed us.” 


 Thomas Wilson, Jr. of Detroit wrote:

“I agree with your editorial as relaters to the ‘civil unrest,’ aka riot, that happened in 1967.   Put in its proper perspective, lessons have been learned so that a tragic incident of that magnitude will, hopefully, never happen again.“


1967 Project Director Marlowe Stoudamire sent us this tweet:

“(Your) editorial speaks to my point of NOT letting a movie (it's NOT a documentary) tell Detroit's story.”


Our editorial about the importance of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise sparked this comment:

“Yes, sir, it’s crusin’ time in the ‘D’!  Polish up your classic ride and come represent the best of Motor City USA tradition.  Nowhere in the world does this better than us.  I’m ready, are you?”

Jackie Moore

Thanks for writing and watching.


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