Community Comment: Viewer Mail on Matty Maroun WXYZ Editorial

WXYZ Detroit - Reaction to our Channel 7 Editorial about billionaire Matty Maroun, his Ambassador Bridge, and his holiday lights on the old rundown Michigan Central Train Depot was through the roof – more than 200 Facebook likes alone!

Dick Kernen wrote:
   "Thanks for calling out Maroun..more leaders should do likewise.  The consummate arrogance of this guy is stunning. "

Brian Jones of Birmingham sent us this comment:
"…Good job on your…commentary on the situation surrounding Matty Maroun ..and the proposed second bridge to Canada."

James Hanlon in Shelby Township sent us this message:
   "This little Dictator has decided to build his own bridge ramps to his imaginary new bridge, been sued by D-DOT for his actions… (and) been held in contempt for lack of compliance….   Come on Matty, it's time for you to leave town."

Thomas Wilson of Detroit also agreed with our editorial.  He wrote:
"Maroun should renovate and make something useful out of the biggest eyesore dotting Detroit's skyline.  …Putting decorative lights on the old Michigan Central Depot is equivalent to putting lipstick on a pig!"

Jerry Calhoun – "Perfect editorial!  I couldn't have said it better myself!"

But there were some viewers who took us to task!  One of them was Patricia Larson who said:
"You were rude and Grinch-like with your commentary about the Maroun Family…. People are tired of uninformed political messages being broadcasted."

And several viewers chastised us for saying holiday lights instead of Christmas lights!

That's it for now.  Thanks for writing and watching!

I'm Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director 

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