Community Comment: Viewer Mail re: campaign finance reform, auto industry & politicians

WXYZ Detroit - Our Channel 7 Editorial criticizing the weak and non-transparent Michigan Campaign Finance Reform Bill that Governor Rick Snyder recently signed into law generated mixed reactions from our viewers. 

Todd Johnson sent us this message:

"It's the same as what the President...promised; transparency and campaign reform.  Of course, he didn't do anything about that.  Didn't hear too much in your editorial about that...."

But another viewer sided with us:

"I agree 100% that...all elected officials their contributions and who (they are) from.  It's time to stop all the hidden people that buy our...government."

- M. Ruby

Our WXYZ Editorial about the rebounding auto industry and the Cobo Center renovation prompted Detroiter Thomas Wilson, Jr. to say:

"Detroit's faced adversity before and fought its way back." 

Indeed it has, Mr. Wilson!

Judy Doss made this comment:

"I loved ...the positive editorial this morning.  I have e-mailed it to people in 10 states, Barbados and Germany.  Thank you for making my day!" 

Our editorial chastising two local politicians for their words and actions drew some heated responses. 

Mark Sapienz says:

"50 years of liberal media supporting Democratic Party rule in Wayne County and Detroit has damaged the people more than (L. Brooks Patterson) saying something bad about Detroit."

Kevin Graves writes:

"I found your transition from George Cushingberry, Jr. to L. Brooks Patterson...offensive.  …In addition, your description of L. Brooks Patterson's racist comment as merely 'offensive' is offensive."

Another viewer writes:

"While I don't always agree with Mr. Patterson, he has done a lot of good for our community.  ...We need someone with his intellect."

- Marlo

That's it for now.  Thanks for writing.  Keep those comments coming! 

I'm Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast: January 30 - February, 2, 2014


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