WXYZ Editorial: Auto industry, Cobo renovation, Detroit bankruptcy rebound!

Downtown Detroit - In 2009, Detroit's auto industry was on the ropes. Today, it is back in full force!  Don't believe it; come see it for yourself inside the $279 million newly renovated Cobo Convention Center.  Both are proof of Detroit's determination to survive and thrive. 

The 25 th anniversary of the world-acclaimed North American International Auto Show is the glitzy backdrop to showcase America's profitable automakers, award-winning cars and trucks, and an emerging new breed of industry leaders.  Leading the pack, of course, is General Motors' Mary Barra, the first female CEO of any major car company. 

The amazing rebound of the American auto industry is a lesson for Detroit and other cities that bankruptcy does not mean the end of the world.  It's a way to unload debt, streamline operations and restore quality products and services.

Speaking of quality, when you come down here, check out Cobo's astonishing new addition.  It is truly world-class and an example of what a regional authority working together can create.    A similar blueprint  should be used for city services ranging from public lighting to mass transit. 

The promising future of the City of Detroit and the American auto industry will depend in large part on being bold, creative, fiscally responsible, not arrogant and never giving up hope.  As any great fighter will tell you, a knock down is not a knockout.  And to the rest of the world, don't ever count Detroit out!

I'm Chuck Stokes, Editorial Director

Broadcast: January 17 - 20, 2014

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