WXYZ Editorial: EM Kevyn Orr & Mayor MIke Duggan's Power Sharing Agreement

Detroit, Michigan - In November, we urged Mayor-Elect Mike Duggan to work closely with Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for the betterment of Detroit.  We also called on Duggan to get a transition budget, the number of appointees he will need to govern, and convince Orr to let him run the day-to-day operations of City Hall.   That would free up the EM to concentrate on the bankruptcy case and the city's troubled finances. 

We're pleased to see that the lion's share of these suggestions were accomplished in Orr and Duggan's recently announced power sharing agreement! Orr was wise to keep direct control of the Detroit Police Department for now.  Police Chief James Craig needs the complete independence and financial resources only Orr can currently give him for reducing Detroit's much too high crime rate! 

To the surprise of many, Duggan gets considerable control over Detroit's economic development efforts.  Hopefully, the Mayor's longtime friend and new development leader, Tom Lewand, and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation CEO George Jackson, can work together.  That means egos must be checked at the door and what's best for Detroit's future must not be based on political cronyism.

Working together, Kevyn Orr and Mike Duggan's forced partnership has the potential to restore Detroit's financial stability, quality city services, and the people's confidence in good government. 

I'm Ed Fernandez, Vice President & General Manager  

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