WXYZ Editorial: Mayor-elect Mike Duggan's victory and to-do list from Channel 7

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit voters have spoken loud and clear!  Mike Duggan is their choice.  What a victory!  The first white mayor of Detroit in nearly 40 years.   A majority African-American city did not vote along the color line.  Detroiters picked the man they believe can do the job best!

Mayor-elect Duggan will come into office facing some big challenges and a city in deep debt.  These are obstacles we can overcome. 

We call on Mr. Duggan's critics to bury their hatchets.  The campaign is over.  It's time for all Detroiters to unite behind his leadership. 

Here's our advice to Mayor-elect Duggan:

Get a transition budget and the number of appointees you will need from Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr and Governor Rick Snyder.  Convince the EM to let you run the day-to-day operations of City Hall while he concentrates on the bankruptcy case.  He has the power you need and both of you will have your hands full. 

You have a brand new and historic City Council.  Work closely with it to make safe Detroit neighborhoods your #1 priority.  Be determined to deliver dependable city services!  Build strong bridges with Lansing lawmakers and seek valuable advice from former Detroit mayors.  Those who didn't paid the price!  Make Detroit's diversity your strength.  And every chance you get, remind America that Detroit put the world on wheels, created the Motown Sound, and built the "The Arsenal of Democracy."  With vision, we can be the comeback city again!  Congratulations, Mr. Mayor-elect.  

-Ed Fernandez, V.P. & General Manager

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