WXYZ Editorial: State leaders should shed light on metro Detroit's "State of Darkness!"

WXYZ Detroit - An unacceptable amount of Detroit area highways are in the dark!  It's not a new problem but now is the time for our leaders to come together to fix it! 

In a recent Action News investigation, Simon Shaykhet reported that about 35-percent of the lights on Southeast Michigan freeways and bridges are out!    That's a big problem.  Dark roadways are dangerous for drivers, pedestrians, and the metro area as a whole.  It also doesn't help our regional image with visitors.  

It's MDOT's job to maintain roughly 10-thousand Detroit highway lights, many of them in the suburbs.  MDOT says the biggest reason for the non-working lights is old infrastructure, not enough electricians, repair trucks, and money. 

Come on state leaders, this isn't rocket science!  Metro Detroit is the most populated area in Michigan.  MDOT needs more resources to fix roads, bridges and freeway lights in Southeast Michigan.  Develop an urgent plan now!  And if you're having trouble finding more cash, try looking under Michigan's $1 billion budget surplus rock.     

I'm Ed Fernandez

Broadcast: February 6 - 9, 2014

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