Outpouring of support for Detroit law enforcement community

(WXYZ) - When word went out that two men were shot in the line of duty – working to protect and serve – the community responded.

First, there are those in the community just praying from their homes after seeing the scene on Detroit's west side on television.

Then there is the extended law enforcement community, sending thoughts and manpower to help Detroit Police.

Just one example - Michigan State Police rushed more than 45 miles to find the wife of one of the officers.
Troopers then made sure she got to her husband's side as quick as possible.

And then there are members of the Detroit Chaplain Corps. They got the page and are now at the precinct where the officers work and others throughout the city.

"It's hard, we are praying for them and we have to stay spiritual," said Dennis Lyons of the Detroit Chaplain Corps.

Henry Simpson of the Detroit Chaplain Corps echoed his sentiments.

"I just want to let them know that they are not out there alone. We need all of the spiritual and moral support that we can get to help lift the morale…" said Henry.

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