Owen Groesser, 8th grader with Down syndrome, scores more points in second game

(WXYZ) - Owen Groesser, an eighth grader with Down syndrome, who brought down the house Wednesday night when he scored two memorable three-pointers during the Van Hoosen basketball game, had another all-star night on the court.

The Van Hoosen coach put the Rochester Hills eighth grader into the basketball game again tonight and he scored four points. The crowd went wild.

VIDEO: Meet Owen Groesser, 8th grader with Down syndrome who nailed 2 three-pointers in first game

The energy was electric in the gymnasium as his teammates tossed the ball to Owen. The Van Hoosen team was losing, but the other players said they wanted to give Owen a chance to score.

The plays were specifically called the "Owen" and designed to open him up for a shot at the basket.

Wednesday night, Owen made national headlines after he scored two three-pointers in his first game of the season. He's usually the team manager, but that night he suited up to play.

His dream was to get on SportsCenter and after the hashtag #GetOwenOnSportsCenter became a trending topic—his wish came true.

"Well he was top ten plays on SportsCenter last night and he was number one today, so outside of Tiger Woods and Lebron there's not many people who get to be SportsCenter number one plays. So that was pretty incredible," said Chris Groesser, Owen's father.

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