PACZKI DAY: How many calories? What could you eat instead?

(WXYZ) - It's Paczki Day! You know what that means - time to splurge on one of those tasty Polish treats.

While many people will flock to Hamtramck for a tasty Polish treat, we’re showing you what Michigan-made products you could eat or drink for the same caloric intake.

One paczek is roughly 700 calories--and that's for one not cooked in lard.

For 700 calories, here is a breakdown of food and drinks you could consume around Michigan: 

Better Made Potato Chips: Roughly 3 bags of Barbeque Better Made Potato Chips  (Approximately
240 calories in one bag, 1.5 oz.)

Faygo Orange Soda: Roughly 3.5 bottles (Approximately 190 calories per 12 oz. bottle) 

McClure’s Pickles: Roughly 4.3 jars of Garlic and Dill Spears (Approximately 160 calories in one 32 oz. jar) 

National Coney Island chili dog: Roughly 1.3 Coney dogs with chili, mustard and onion (Approximately 520 calories per dog)

Grand Traverse Pie Company: 1 slice of cherry pie (Approximately 643 calories per slice) 

Bell’s Oberon Ale: Roughly 4 Bell's Oberons (Approximately 170 calories per 12 oz. bottle) 

(Calculations are approximate, based on available information)

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