Paczki Day serves as day of indulgence for Catholics before start of Lent

WXYZ-TV - Just a heads up, in case you don't know, Tuesday is Paczki Day!

Also, known as Fat Tuesday, Paczki (pronounced: "poonch-keee"), those famous and addicting Polish pastry treats, are traditionally eaten on this day, the day before Ash Wednesday.

Traditionally, it's been considered in the Polish Catholic community to be a little indulgence before Lent begins the following day. Once Lent begins, Catholics work at becoming more spiritual and less dependent on worldly distractions.

Every year on "Paczki Day" people will line up at their favorite bakery to get their hands on the sweet treats. You'll find a line out the door at one of the most popular bakeries - the New Palace Bakery in Hamtramck. The Visit Detroit Blog has compiled a list of some of the best places to get a Paczki.

These delicious, high-calorie treats have been around since the Middle Ages and you will find people who have their favorite flavors.

Paczki are similar to jelly-filled donuts. But, if you really know what a Paczek (singular) (pronounced: Poon-chek) is, it's much more. Don't be misled by the jelly-filled donut. That's not a real Paczek.

The Paczek is larger and heavier. The dough is deep fried, filled with sweet jelly, cream or prune and then powdered with sugar, or icing.

Most Paczki fans say they're irresistible.

Happy Paczki Day!

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