Patients of Dr. Farid Fata and their families form Facebook group

(WXYZ) - Some of Dr. Farid Fata's patients and their family members are sharing their outrage on Facebook.

Dr. Fata is charged with healthcare fraud. The feds say he submitted false claims to Medicare for unnecessary treatments. They also allege he purposely misdiagnosed patients. 

The newly formed Facebook page has more than 300 members.

We're not using names to protect their privacy, but here's what some Facebook users are saying: 

One person writes: "I would organize a protest or vigil outside his mansion."

Another says:  "Let's hope the prosecutor doesn't offer a deal."

A third comment: "We will work very hard to get back what we lost. A camper, quads & our home."

Someone else writes about Dr. Fata giving her a battery of tests. She later discovered from a neurologist that she had severe sleep apnea.

She writes:  "I'm questioning the entire journey & process. In the interim, I lost my job, emergency savings and couldn't afford to continue paying cobra medical. However, when i read your stories, I am humbled, heartbroken and silent. I will keep each and everyone of you lifted up in prayer."

Group members are reaching out to anyone who has been treated by Dr. Fata--asking them to share their experiences as well.

It's a closed group, but administrators have said they'll add anyone who wants to join.

Go here to view the page "Patients and Families treated by Dr. Fata:" 

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