Patient's widow speaks out against Dr. Farid Fata accused of deliberately misdiagnosing patients


A doctor accused of an unthinkable crime will be back in court Thursday. Dr. Farid Fata is in federal custody. Investigators say he misdiagnosed patients and administered unnecessary and often painful, dangerous treatments.

As Fata faces several allegations, one woman whose husband was a patient of Fata's is speaking out. Linda Joswiak says her husband Bobby believed in Fata. Now she believes former patients and loved ones should speak up and let the doctor know just how much pain his practice has caused.

"I thought we'd grow old together. "The sight of old photos is tough enough for Joswiak. But the photos are all she has now of her late husband. Cancer took Bobby Joswiak's life last April

"It started in the lung, and then it went to the brain, lymph nodes, and shoulder." said Linda, "And I'll tell ya, the treatment was worse than the cancer itself."

It was treatment her husband received from Fata. Linda believes Fata's chemotherapy procedures robbed her husband of an already limited quality of life."The inside of his mouth was nothing but mush." said Linda, "His nostrils were so paper thin, he would have nosebleeds. It was horrific."

News of the investigation now re-opens wounds Linda was trying desperately to heal.                             

"It brought everything back." said Linda, "All the suffering he went through. And I tried to put it out of my mind. And it's something I live with every day."

Fata's days in federal court continue with a bond hearing Thursday. Linda hopes to be her husband's voice and ask the physician one question; "How dare you mess with people's lives and play God?"


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