Paying the price for a recount of the Detroit mayoral primary

(WXYZ) - Wayne County elections officials are counting the ballots and counting the costs in the recount of the Detroit mayoral primary.

Former candidate Tom Barrow and eight other candidates have paid for recounts in the 614 Detroit precincts. 

The cost to candidates by law is only $10 a precinct.  The candidates combined have paid in $10,000 to $12,000. 

The actual costs could be much more. 

Officials won't speculate until the process is finished which is taking several days. 

Mike Duggan won the primary as a write-in candidate that is slowing the process.  He will face Benny Napoleon in November to be the next Detroit Mayor.

  The process is also slowed by Barrow and several others challenging ballots during the recount.  Barrow has alleged widespread fraud in the primary, and when confronted by 7 Action News Barrow says he doesn't know the cost of the recount will be and refused to answer whether taxpayers will eat the additional amount. 

The bill will be sent from Wayne County to Detroit and we're told it will be paid. 

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