People do nothing after hearing woman's cries for help during rape

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) - A young woman was able to cry out for help as she was being raped, but East Lansing Police say people who heard those cries apparently didn't think enough of the yelling and screaming to call 911.

"Several apartment residents actually heard what we believe to be the assault happening and just chalked that up to normal college town, apartment complex, yelling and screaming," said Lt. Scott Wriggelsworth. "We believe it was actually the assault that was taking place that they were hearing".

It happened Thursday at around 8:00 p.m. and was the third similar attack in East Lansing that took place in various locations north of Michigan State University.

The off-campus attacks included the rape of two women who are MSU students. It's also believed that the same man is responsible for the attempted rape of another student.

"In all three, they were actually dragged into a more secluded area," said Lt. Wriggelsworth who added that one of the women was dragged into the woods; another attack happened in a shed area; the third took place near a dumpster.

The attacker is described as white male with an average build, standing anywhere from 5'5" - 5'10", approximately 18 - 25 years old. One victim said he was wearing a faded red or pink shirt, shorts and gray tennis shoes with white socks.

On April 20, around midnight, East Lansing Police say a woman was sexually assaulted as she walked near Coolidge Road south of Lake Lansing Road.

The next attack took place close to campus on the 300 block of Charles Street. It happened around 3:00 a.m. on April 26 as the victim was about to enter her home. She was dragged to a secluded area where the man assaulted her and attempted to rape her before she was able to get away.

The third attack took place at the Abbott Pointe Apartments around 8:00 p.m. on Thursday May 16.

Anyone with any information is urged to call East Lansing Police at (517) 351-4220 or 1(877) ELPD-TIP.

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