Police: Craigslist robbery ends with victim turning the tables on crook

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Warren police say a Craigslist robbery backfired on a crook.

It happened Thursday night around 6:00 p.m. A man was trying to sell his iPhone and met the "buyer" at a local McDonald's parking lot.

Investigators say that buyer ended up taking the phone from the seller and punching him in the face.

The crook took off, but the seller went after him.

"I just met up with an individual who was supposed to buy a phone from me. He assaulted me.. took the phone and ran... I chased him down," he told the 911 dispatcher.

The Sterling Heights man who made that call says he ran after the crook through a parking lot and says the bad guy tried to assault him again, but never got the chance.

"He stopped and then I showed him that I had a firearm and he just laid on the ground. I've apprehended him. Can I get somebody .. officer out here please?", he says on the 911 call.

Police say there were witnesses everywhere and when the cops got there they found the crook on the ground.
Investigators say he had a getaway car waiting for him, but since the iPhone owner turned the tables on him, he never got away.

"He basically sits on the guy 'til we get there. We arrest him and then we find in possession of the bad guy...counterfeit cash," says Jere Green, Warren Police Commissioner.

The victim told police that he never pointed the gun at the thief ...he "showed" it it to him.

"As law enforcement we can't condone citizens taking the law into their own hands, but I believe people have the right to defend themselves as well. I think that's what this person did," says Commissioner Green.

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