Police: Good Samaritan robbed in Roseville

(WXYZ) - Roseville police say a man who was trying to help out a stranger was robbed on Sunday morning.

It happened just before 5:30 a.m.

The victim was walking down 12 Mile Road near Hayes and saw a car stopped in a driveway of a business.

Police say the car had its hood up and the suspect asked for help. The victim looked into the engine compartment. When he did, the suspect put what's believed to be a gun against the ribs of the victim and demanded cash.

"Next thing I know he's got a gun in my side. I give him the cash I got in my wallet. I told him none of my credit cards work or anything. I gave him like $120 in cash," says the victim.

The victim says then he was beaten by the robber.

The victim later told a 911 dispatcher: "He hit me in the back right in the.. right in the neck shoulder blade area with the gun. He hit me in my knee with a bat. I mean i can barely move right now. I'm down on the ground."

The victim was taken to the hospital and has since been released.

The robber drove away after the attack and police are still searching for him.

They're asking anyone who may know who he is or anyone who may have seen the attack to give them a call.

Here are descriptions of the suspect and his car:

Suspect: W/M mid 20's – early 30's, shorter dirty blond hair, clean cut appearance with a goatee.

He's approximately 5'9" – 5'11", 170 – 190 lbs.

He was wearing a gray over-sized hoody, blue jeans and whit Nike "Air Force One" sneakers

Suspect vehicle: Mid to late 90's Ford Taurus or possibly Mercury Sable. Light Gray. It has an orange colored Detroit Tigers style Old English D sticker on the lower driver side of the rear window.

Anyone with information is asked to call 586 447-4493.

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