Police situation on Detroit's west side ends peacefully

(WXYZ) - A police situation at Roselawn on Detroit's west side ended peacefully Wednesday night after a gunman who barricaded himself inside of a home surrendered.

Late Wednesday, police say a man was driving around with an AK-47. They say he was firing shots and then hit  a car near Michigan and Vinewood in southwest Detroit.  Police say the car was occupied, but no one was hit. 

During this time, a citizen took down his license plate and police tracked it to a house on Roselawn. Police blocked off the street and brought out a command post and the special response team after hearing word that he may be coming outside.

After some brief negotiating, the man and three others did come out. Police don't know if they are friends or relatives or were being held against their will --police took everyone into custody to figure out who exactly was involved. 

It is very likely the man who was driving around reportedly with the assault rifle will face charges. One police source says the man is no stranger to police in the area. 

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