Political strategist weighs in on Detroit's possible state takeover

(WXYZ) - The fight over the possible state takeover of Detroit at the hands of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is high stakes politics, says veteran political strategist Adolph Mongo.

Mongo says Mayor Dave Bing might as well just put up a white flag on top of the Coleman Young Municipal Center after he announced he wasn't going to fight the decision earlier this week.

What does Mongo think of the Detroit City Council's fight?

He says they have a right to appeal, but they probably won't be successful. Mongo notes the governor has no room for error. 

Mongo also says some blame for the financial crisis has to go to city officials. 

A hearing in front of a deputy treasurer is next Tuesday in Lansing.  The paperwork was hand-delivered today. 

The city council voted 7-1 in favor of going to the hearing. 

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