2013 Mackinac Policy Conference: The 7 Action News foosball table heads to the island with our team

(WXYZ) - The 7 Action News team always packs an impressive array of technology when we head to the annual Mackinac Policy Conference. As Stephen Clark, Chuck Stokes and Jeff Vaughn interview Michigan's movers and shakers, we're bringing a new tool this year: A foosball table.

Several years ago, Stephen came back from Mackinac Island talking about foosball. He'd spoken to Governor Rick Snyder and both somehow realized that they are fans of the classic table game.

This year, we decided to bring a foosball table with us to the conference. We hope it adds a little bit of fun to things.

You can count on our team at the Mackinac Policy Conference to bring you the latest news and interviews with the most fascinating people at this annual gathering of business and political leaders. And we can promise you that a few of those interviews will take place over a leisurely game of foosball.

If you're at the conference, come see us! Join us for a game.

Want to follow our foosball interviews? You'll find them (and all of our Mackinac Policy Conference coverage) at http://wxyz.com/mackinac.

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