Businessman Walt Douglas' economic development advice to Mayor Duggan

WXYZ Detroit - One of the biggest issues facing Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is how he will approach economic development in a city that is overwhelmingly African American.  Who will get a piece of the multi-million dollar pie, so-to-speak?

Recently, Mayor Duggan announced that longtime friend Tom Lewand, Sr. would lead his economic development efforts. Downtown real estate czar Dan Gilbert is a strong supporter of Detroit's new mayor.  But where does this leave minority developers who have been operating in Detroit during good and bad times?   In a recent Spotlight on the News interview, I put that question to prominent African American businessman Walt Douglas who gave some candid advice to Duggan. Douglas is past president of New Detroit, Incorporated and chairman of Avis Ford in Southfield.  You can see the entire interview with Douglas on Sunday, January 5 at 9:30 am on Spotlight.

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