Detroit's mayoral candidates prepare for Tuesday's primary

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was a busy weekend for Detroit's mayoral candidates as they made the final push to meet potential voters.

"It's more important than ever," said Krystal Crittendon, a candidate. "We have an emergency manager here, he has filed for bankruptcy allegedly for the city of Detroit. That makes it more important, not less important that we go out and vote."

Crittendon spent the weekend like many of her counterparts meeting voters.

"This is not my first rodeo," said candidate Tom Barrow. "I know how important it is these last couple days to get out and touch as many people as you can."

Benny Napoleon, who visited six churches in just one day, told Action News he wasn't fatigued by the fast-pace finish. "We are confident that our message is resonating, that folks are going to get out and vote and we are going to do well," Napoleon said.

While Napoleon said he believed most voters knew who they were going to vote for, fellow candidate Lisa Howze disagreed. She said she was still changing minds as of Sunday. "Each opportunity that I have to reach a new person is an opportunity to gain a vote," said Howze.

Mike Duggan, the high-profile write-in candidate, also visited churches and parks. Mike Dugeon, who raised eyebrows recently when he too filed as a write-in with a name similar to Duggan, declined an interview -- telling Action News he had "no comment" about any final campaign activity.

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