Governor Rick Snyder's Super Bowl Ad: Michigan's #1 Nerd is back!

WXYZ Detroit - He's back...and he wants four more years in Lansing's "Big House" - the State Capitol.  The University of Michigan's favorite son, Governor Rick Snyder, unofficially launches his re-election bid today in the biggest game on earth, Super Bowl XLVIII.  A similar commercial worked magic for political newcomer Snyder in why not gamble on a repeat performance? 

Snyder will officially toss his hat in the Michigan gubernatorial political ring tomorrow with 2 days of stump speeches riding around the state in his famed Nerd Mobile.  His public remarks and TV ad will paint Snyder as the "comeback kid" and Michigan as the "comeback state."  What's interesting is the stuff he highlights as the successes: education funding, creating manufacturing jobs, attacking urban decay and the state's past budget deficit.  Snyder's only announced opponent, former West Michigan Congressman Mark Schauer, is accusing the Governor of wearing rose colored glasses.  He'll spend the next several months accusing Snyder of gutting educational funding and being the leader of a state that has championed right-to-work laws, new taxes for retirees and the nation's highest unemployment rate.  Schauer will also claim that Snyder is the great protector of the wealthy.

Get ready for a spirited and hard fought campaign season!  Both candidates will use their political spin and big bucks.  With the help of the Democratic Governor's Association, Schauer hit the airwaves last week in a school classroom.  Snyder debuts with his expensive Super Bowl commercial tonight appearing on camera in his underwater scuba diving suit.  Images, images, images...what do they really tell us about the candidate?  As journalists, that's what we'll get a chance to cut through between now and Tuesday, November 4th.

The Super Bowl and political elections; two American traditions continue!

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