Napoleon tells supporters "This is halftime" as he moves towards general election for Detroit mayor

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Speaking to his supporters Tuesday night, Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon vowed to push on to the general election for Detroit Mayor.

Napoleon came in second in the primary election, finishing behind a large number of write-in votes.

"Napoleon for Mayor is about the people of this great city," Napoleon told his supporters. "We have waited long enough for someone to focus on us."

During his speech, Napoleon vowed to focus on the city's neighborhoods.

"Under a Napoleon administration, I guarantee you, the citizens of Detroit, that we will focus on the neighborhood development," he said. "I have no issues with what's going on in Downtown, Greektown, Corktown and Midtown. But what's gonna happen in the rest of my town?"

But Napoleon isn't declaring total victory, telling his supporters, "This is halftime, folks. It's halftime. This game ain't over."

Napoleon ended his speech by talking about the message he is giving to the 6-year-old grandson he is raising.

"I don't want to look him in the face and say 'We gave up on you,'" he said. "Because I believe in you, Detroit. I believe in you Detroit. I believe in you Detroit."

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