Detroit mayoral candidates Mike Duggan, Benny Napoleon win primary, face off in November

(WXYZ) - As the votes stand, it appears Detroit mayoral candidates Mike Duggan and Benny Napoleon will face off in November's general election. 

After all of the votes were tallied, results show that 52 percent of the votes cast were for write-in candidates.

Benny Napoleon was next in line with about 29 percent of the votes.

The next closest candidate had fewer than 10 percent of the votes. 

Of the total write-in votes, 44,395 people wrote "Mike Duggan"--giving him 46.4 percent of the vote. Seventeen people wrote in "Mike Dugeon"--giving him .1 percent of the vote. 

There were also 5,916 other write-in votes. A majority of those votes appeared to be versions of Mike Duggan's name. 

The primary election winners will not be verified for up to two weeks. 



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