VIDEO: Former DMC CEO Mike Duggan elected Detroit mayor

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Former DMC CEO Mike Duggan has won the Detroit mayoral election.
Duggan earned more votes than Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon in the race.  

Duggan faced many challenges during his campaign, including being thrown off the ballot after a judge ruled he had turned in his petitions too soon because he had not lived in the city long enough. 
"We hauled out the Xerox machine out of headquarters. We were shut down," said Duggan, recalling the campaign's early challenges, "There was no doubt in my mind when I left that I was out of the race. It is hard to believe but people were so passionate. And the people I saw crying when I dropped out, I thought people had really come to believe we could turn the city around."
Duggan eventually was approved to be a write-in candidate and went on to win the primary election. 
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder congratulated Mike Duggan in a statement released Tuesday night.
The governor spoke of the city's challenges ahead and saluted Detroit's outgoing mayor, Dave Bing.
"I want to congratulate Mike Duggan on being elected as the next mayor of Detroit.  I look forward to working with him on making Detroit a safe and attractive place for people to live, work, invest, and do business," said Snyder in part.
When asked about being Detroit's first white mayor in nearly 40 years, Duggan says the distinction means very little.
"You know, I just find that phrase offensive," said Duggan, "I'm a Detroiter who has an ability to turn things around. And we are at a point in our history where we need somebody who knows how to turn things around. And I think that's the way people saw me."
Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr also offered his congratulations. 
"In this time of important change for the City, Detroiters have come together to voice their desire for progress. I look forward to working with Mayor-elect Mike Duggan to build the vibrant and strong future the citizens of Detroit deserve," said Orr in part.
Orr said his office will meet with Mayor-elect Duggan in the coming days to discuss their future collaboration on Detroit's turnaround.


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