Rick Snyder announces re-election campaign for Governor in Detroit and five other cities

Detroit (WXYZ) - Governor Rick Snyder wants to continue to serve the people of Michigan. Snyder officially announced his re-election campaign Monday morning in Detroit.

"We've created 220,000 private-sector jobs," Snyder told an invited audience at James Group International. "Jobs are up. Personal income's up. We're number one, tied with the Great Lakes state, number seven in the nation for personal income increases," he said.  "In terms of home prices going up, we're number five in the nation in terms of improvement. In terms of population, we're increasing in population again."

Snyder says there's more to come, including more money for K-12 education in the state. An additional $322 million is proposed in hid 2014-15 budget.

His critics say Snyder cut a billion dollars from education in the state—math the Governor forcefully disputes.

"Well those were federal stimulus dollars and I think they should go to Washington, which is already a mess and take their gripe there because it wasn't state dollars that was involved," Snyder said.  "The other part is, I guess there's a benefit to being a CPA versus other people that may have math challenges."

Education funding is only one of the issues that drew protestors outside the minority-owned business in southwest Detroit where Snyder made his announcement.  Several dozen people were bused to the location where they walked carrying picket signs and chanted slogans.

"He took our democracy away," said W.J. Rideout III, pastor of All God's People Church in Detroit and activist with Good Jobs Now.  "He gave us right to work when in fact he said he wasn't going to touch it. So why do we want to vote a man like this back in office?"

Michigan democrats think they can beat Snyder this fall.

"When we go out there and  we talk about how we're going to build a strong Michigan, how we're going to build a strong middle-class and juxtapose that with this Governor's record, we're confident we'll win in November," said Lon Johnson, chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party.


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